carrie lee ray info


she is an adopted outcast-turned-it-girl played by candy, pre-makeover, and jaquline, post-makeover. she mentions a past "incident" in which one of her dolls nearly strangled her mom, who is in psychosis due to it. at he wedding, she does not harm the guests, but scare them by making a doll come to life, and on the way home nearly got stabbed by kristil, but she did not get hurt. at home, her dad tried to stab her with a cross, but the cross misses and she survives. she also implies she is pregnant. she is assumed dead, but she narrates and reveals she did not die.

jaquline frost as carrie lee ray.


she is played by jasmine and heather during the wedding kills. there is no past incident, and her mom is her biological one, but she is specifically abusive with her beleifs, as she, similar to Margaret white, makes her go to the closet. this time, during the wedding, she kills the guests, unlike the previous one, and the survivor goes to her house after her dissapearence. this remake stars her friend makenzie.

jasmine vorhees(right) as carrie lee ray.