not much is known about her life, but she is married to jeff, was a cheerleader, and is actually named Kristina. at the 5-day sleepover, Kristen is not nervous about paranormal activity and even questions the necessity of the cameras, which ironically become useful later.

the first victim, caught by freddy.


in part two, she is seen as lizzie stone sets up the final camera, and when glen questions the usefulness of the cameras, she makes a response that clues us in that she sees the cameras as unnecessary. later that night, she is seen walking up to the attic, and when she opens the door and screams at something, and the episode ends with the doors closing, trapping her inside.

PART THREE she makes a slight appearance in the next episode, as lizzie watches her disappearance and her tormenter is revealed to be freddy.

five nights BEFORE Freddy's she is seen in the fan-made prequel five nights BEFORE Freddy's, and is revealed to be jeff's wife. it also reveals her to have been a cheerleader in high school, and evidentally named Kristina.


- according to the prequel by another lpstuber, Kristen was a cheerleader. ironically, cheerleaders usually die in horror films, making her disappearance stereotypically accurate.

- ironically, she is blonde, making her death even more accurate.

- she is portrayed by Duncan, who also starred as Stephanie turner in mon-ICK-a. ironically, she also died.